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The Cubit

Nov. 28th

Efficiency and Sustainability


The Cubit is a former factory building in downtown Holyoke, MA, that has undergone a major renovation. Holyoke Community College’s Hospitality and Culinary Arts Center will be the project’s anchor tenant and renovations to the upper floors will result in 18 Apartment Lofts.

This modern and energy efficient design maintains a historical look which is appropriate to the building's age and was accomplished using Cardinal Commercial Products CF451T thermally broken storefront system. Yankee Glass of Holyoke, MA, was the lead glazing contractor on this project and handled all fabrication and installation in-house. This included the integration of a projected window and grid system which helped maintain the proper look for the project.

When used in conjunction with our thermally broken storefront system, Yankee Glass helped to bring this older building into the modern age of efficiency and sustainability.