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Making a difference for children in need

Dec. 31st

Christmastime can often be a time of stress, uncertainty and sadness to the disadvantaged in our communities. Several years ago, the employees and owners of HMI Cardinal decided to do something to change that by sponsoring children from The Home of the Innocents through their holiday Adopt a Child program. 

This year marked their 3rd annual donation and was their largest one to date. Through the kindness and generosity of everyone involved, children who otherwise may have gone without, woke up Christmas morning with countless presents under their tree! Employees and owners donated toys, clothes, electronics, stocking stuffers and time to the program, in the hopes of making Christmas a bit brighter for the children living at the Home of the Innocents and boy, did they make it brighter!

Each year, HMI Cardinal’s employees have increased their giving, spreading Christmas cheer to more and more children. Knowing the smiles their donation gives to the children each year makes every bit of time and money put into the Adopt a Child program worth it. Their giving doesn’t just end at Christmas. Throughout the year, HMI Cardinal’s employees donate food and money to programs helping those in need. It’s just part of who they are as people and as a company.

From the Home of the Innocents website: “There are a number of ways donors can help the Home. Legacy gifts that will last long past your own lifetime; one-off donations and recurring monthly gifts; the cost of a night of care at the Home; all the way down to donations of goods and clothing that cover life’s practicalities. You can even order donations through and save yourself a journey to the Home.”



If you are able, please visit and consider donating to help bring joy to those in need.