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Frequently asked installer/wholesale questions


-     To what length do I cut the snap filler for the curb and header?

The 1102 is the snap filler that sits in the header and curb above and below the door. The easiest way to determine their size is to dry fit the door and panel into place, measure how big it needs to be, remove the door, cut the 1102 to size, fix the panel in place then install the snap fillers. After that, you can install the door so that the pivot block at the bottom of the door is sitting on top of the snap filler. Note: that’s an important distinction with installing our units – the pivot block must sit on top of that snap filler or the door can fail down the road.


-     What are the lead times for different items?

  • Heavy glass is currently a 4 day lead time – meaning it needs 4 full days in the glass shop. For example, glass ordered on a Monday could load the following Monday (spending Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the glass shop).
  • Semi-frameless stock doors need 1 day in the shop to build. Semi-frameless doors with custom glass need 3 days (2 days in tempering, 1 day in the shop).
  • Framed stock doors need 2 days in the shop to build.
  • Framed doors with custom glass need 4 days (2 days in tempering, 2 days in the shop).
  • Stock items / loose items (hardware, vinyl, silicone –etc) can all be loaded same day if the order is placed before noon.


-     How can you tell if the glass has Cardinal 10? How can you tell if the glass is Showerguard?

Dry erase marker will bead up and not mark effectively on the glass for either product. This video will show you what that looks like (link here).

Additionally there is a Showerguard detector that can show whether the glass is Showerguard or not. Guardian sends those to registered dealers. To register as a dealer with Guardian, follow this link (link here)


-     Why do you need to know the hinge direction and/or showerhead location?

Sliders with through the glass hardware need a showerhead direction so we can put the rollers on correctly. If we assembled the rollers on the glass wrong, the knob would end up in the middle or the glass would be shingled incorrectly allowing water to shoot out between the panels.

Semi-frameless swing doors cannot be flipped in the field easily. If we build a door hinge right, you would have to tear it apart to convert it to hinge left – it’s not easily done at all. On framed doors I don’t need to know the showerhead direction, as they can be flipped in the field by removing 4 screws, swapping the vertical rails, and replacing those 4 screws.


-     Why can’t I measure the rough opening before I install the tub or walls and order my enclosure off of that?

Sliders can be ordered that way if you are ok with a potentially large overlap. With swing doors you run the risk of them not fitting – especially the fabricated parts. We work with a 1/16" tolerance. For instance, an opening of 45 5/8" on a CDI would get a 16” panel, but an opening of 45 3/4" would get a 17” panel. One piece of backer board sitting funny could mean that you end up with a panel an entire inch too large.


-     What are stock height units and what is the benefit of ordering them?

Stock units are built out of premade wraps and stock glass lites. They are more cost effective, and can be built on a much quicker lead time. You can tell a stock height unit in the book vs. a custom one because the custom ones are in bold lettering.


-     Why don’t you cut everything to size?

We cut all the vertical metal to size, as well as pieces that are mitered on each end. Metal that is going to be square cut and run horizontally we leave long in case there is a wall condition that was missed during the measuring process. If we cut that to size there is a very good possibility that even a small outage (say, 1/8” of an inch) would leave an unsightly gap between the header and the wall. We assume installers have a chop saw with them, or at the very least a hack saw to cut those pieces on site to the correct size.


-     How exactly do my measurements need to be for certain types of units?

Our preference is plus or minus 1/16" on all units to ensure proper fit, including all outages of 1/16" or greater.


-     Why is Cast Glass, Antique Glass, and Glue Chip glass so expensive?

Those types of glass have much more cost involved in their production. Multiple steps at the float plant, small batches, additional material, skilled labor and imported from Germany in some cases.


-     How long do I have to tell Cardinal about an item I received damaged?

We would like to be notified immediately to get your replacement item out as quickly as possible, but anything within 10 business days is acceptable.


-     If I need to change an order after I’ve placed it, how long do I have to do that?

If the glass is custom, you need to let us know same day before COB. If the item is all stock, you need to let us know the day before the scheduled ship date. If the glass was already started or the parts already loaded, there may be a remake / restock fee.


-     Why can’t you promise/guarantee I get glass on a certain day or at a certain time?

Glass is easily chipped/broken/scratched. We inspect glass very thoroughly, and if it doesn’t pass muster we start over. With 5,000 some odd pieces of glass on the floor at any given time, to make it through tempering again (and we always expedite remakes of that nature) in time to make the truck is not always possible. We will do everything in our power to make sure your glass makes the truck – but we can’t promise it will happen due to the nature of the product.

As far as delivery, we are able to deliver your glass so inexpensively because of how our delivery system works. But the way our delivery system works also means we can’t guarantee a delivery time. If there is someone on the route before you that didn’t order glass last week, but did this week, then it’s going to delay your delivery time this week by as much time as it takes to deliver the customers glass who was on the route ahead of you. 

If you have to have delivery at a certain time, we can discuss crating it up and shipping it LTL, but that is costly and the glass is much more likely to get broken in transit.


-     Why can’t I talk to the same person every time I call in?

Technically, you can… but you might have to wait on hold for them. Some salespeople are very popular, and people wait to talk to them for quite some time. We make sure that we have enough people available to answer your call in case you need an answer right then – but if you want to wait to talk to your favorite salesperson that’s ok with us!