Cardinal Series

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Framed Enclosure

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  • Reasonably priced, high quality semi-frameless enclosures
  • 3/16" to 1/4" glass, including Clear, Obscure, Rain, Glue Chip, Narrow Reed, Bamboo and more.
  • Seven stock finishes
  • True bypass doors

The Platinum Cardinal Series

Cardinal is pleased to announce the availability of the Platinum Cardinal series. The Platinum series features:

The Platinum series has ultra-smooth V-shaped wheels that are designed for the new V-shaped tracks in the headers. You’ll notice a substantial difference in the effort it takes to roll the door.

The Platinum series headers are taller to better hide the roller brackets up inside the header.

We changed the design slightly so that the wheel is closer to the center of gravity of the door glass, which allows the glass to hang at less of an angle.


Available Sizes:

42" to 84" Wide

Standard Heights:

55 3/8", 56 3/8", 57 3/8", 62 3/8", 65 3/8", 67 3/8", 70 3/8", 73 3/8", 76 3/8". Not all sizes stocked in all locations. Please inquire.


Stock Glass: 3/16" Clear, Obscure or Rain. Fourteen other glass color and pattern options.

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Cardinal 10 Surface Protection

Cardinal 10 Surface Protection uses state-of-the-art nanotechnology to turn ordinary glass into an easy-clean, non-stick surface that repels both water and oils. It’s a difference you can see as the water “beads” on the glass. With minimal cleaning your treated shower will look like new for well beyond 10 years. The sealed glass cannot be damaged, etched, or stained by minerals, soaps, chemicals, or neglect like other glass. Most cleaning can be done with products already in your home, and Cardinal 10 is available on any of our glass options.

Inside Towel Bar

On some enclosures you can request a second towel bar on the inside panel of a sliding door enclosure.. By default most sliding door enclosures do not come with an inside towel bar. Never to be used as a grab bar.