How to Order Cast Glass Pulls

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When ordering a Venetian Cast Glass Pull, you need to make sure you select all the appropriate options. Below is an overview of the points you need to consider:


All pulls are manufactured from 3/8” tempered glass.

Glass Color

  • Colors: All pulls are available in all colors: Clear, Low Iron (super clear), Bronze, Smoke (Gray), Azuria (Blue), Solexia (Green), and Rosetta (Pink).
  • Clear and Low iron Pulls: These work best when you're looking for a subtle effect. It doesn't jump out at you like a blue dolphin or a green palm tree, but it is very elegant. Low iron glass pulls can look like leaded crystal. However, the slight-green tint to clear glass shows off cast patterns better. If you're casting a logo into glass, we strongly suggest using Clear instead of low iron glass.
  • Cast on Cast: We recommend not putting a cast pull on a cast door. The pull can get lost or muddled.

Hole Placement

The pulls are mounted with the textured side out standard. Many handles have the holes centered or in a pattern that works for left and right hinged doors. In the case of asymmetrical pulls like the Dolphin, you need to specify if the door hinges are on the left or right side of the door as you’re standing outside facing the enclosure. In some cases, such as the Pineapple, you can select left or right, but you can also select “Center” if you would like to have the holes in the center of the pull - but be aware that this may affect the ability of the pull to be retrofit to an existing door. The following pages show pictures of pulls that have holes spaced at 6” on center.


If a pull is labeled as Retrofit, it will be able to fit onto an existing door with 1/2” diameter holes spaced for 6” or 8” pulls, and with holes centered 3” or more away from the door edge (see diagram at right). When ordering a Retrofit pull, you must specify 6” or 8” on center hole spacing.


Price includes glass only. When ordering, be sure to also order standoffs and a knob or pull for the inside. Standoffs, knobs & pulls are available in Chrome, Gold, Brushed Nickel, and Oil Rubbed Bronze. See the pricing pages for which cast glass pulls will accommodate a 6” or 8”pull on the inside of the enclosure.

Custom & Oversize Pulls

Are you looking to have your logo cast as a pull? Would you like a full-size, 6’ tall surfboard split in half to serve as pulls for your double doors? How about a 7’ tall Lighthouse handle? Dare to imagine your ultimate shower, and let our designers work with you to make your dreams come true.

  • Pull Minimum Size: At least one dimension of the pull must be 18" long. Otherwise, it won't make it through the tempering oven.
  • Pull Maximum Size: Up to about 108" in length. Beyond that and it won't fit in the kilns.

Venetian Cast Glass as Accents

In addition to being a functional pull, our Venetian cast glass can also be used as decorative accents to shower enclosures or other applications. Anything from a school of salmon to a towel bar in the shape of a hockey stick can be made just for you.


Texture In or Out?

While most people mount their pulls with the texture side out, some prefer the look of the texture on the back on the pull. The light plays differently off the smoother back side of the pull. Visit your Cardinal dealer to see a pull and see for yourself.


Using a C-pull on an Asymmetrical Venetian Cast Glass Pull

The hole layout of certain asymmetrical pulls doesn’t allow for a c-pull to use two existing holes. In these cases, a fourth hole will be drilled in the door glass to accommodate the other end of the c-pull. This applies to the following Venetian Cast Glass Pull designs:

  • Aspen Leaf
  • Maple Leaf
  • Clam Shell
  • Texas