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Complete Specifications
Cardinal Shower Enclosures is pleased to have our architectural specifications hosted by ARCAT. These specifications cover general installation, code compliance, materials, fabrication, and more. There are multiple formats available for download, and you can edit the document to meet the requirements for your project. However, the quickest way is to use ARCAT's SpecWizard.

Cardinal Shower Enclosures has worked with ARCAT to develop our SpecWizard, a very quick and easy way to generate a specification for a particular Cardinal Shower Enclosure. Through a series of drop down lists and checkboxes you can select your model, finish, glass, options and more. Once your selections are complete you can download the specification in a variety of formats.

Cardinal Shower Enclosures is finalizing the development of Building Information Model (BIM) items for all of our shower enclosures and cast glass pulls. We will announce when these are ready, and will be hosted through the ARCAT web site.

ARCAT Web Site


Aluminum Material

Cardinal Shower Enclosures, manufactured by Hoskin & Muir, Inc., are fabricated with extruded 5000 and 6000 series billet. All exposed surfaces are polished before anodizing in the Cardinal line. Powder Coated and Satin units may be extruded with the same alloy and temper used for anodized metal.

Safety Glazing Certification Council

Certification of our tempering facility in Louisville by the SGCC.

Project-Specific Specifications

From time to time project requirements dictate that you have basic specification drawings for the enclosures that you will be installing. We can provide you with drawings with specific dimensions to satisfy your bidding or code requirements. Below are two basic sample specifications.