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The Top 10 Reasons

Here are the top 10 reasons (+1 bonus reason) you should specify Cardinal Shower Enclosures for your next project:


The Most Complete Line of Shower Enclosures Found in America

  • High-end, professionally engineered, high quality framed shower enclosure, available in eight finishes.
  • Beautiful and sophisticated semi-frameless shower enclosures, available in eight finishes.
  • A complete line of Euro-style semi-frameless enclosures, available in eight finishes.
  • In-house, custom tempered, frameless heavy glass (3/8" and 1/2") shower enclosures available in clear plus a selection of 20 glass patterns and five colors.
  • A vast selection of heavy glass hardware in seven finishes
  • Unbelievably beautiful, thermally formed Venetian Cast Glass shower enclosures and pulls, with both stock and custom patterns.
  • New Ultra Optique Glass. This new glass incorporates a revolutionary and innovative kiln casting process that integrates the rich textural elements of kiln formed glass with unobstructed, optically clear areas or patterns, creating an effect that is striking and original.

Our Quality is Second to None

  • All shower enclosure systems are engineered to deliver reliable performance for many years in both residential and commercial use.
  • Cardinal provides a vast selection of aesthetically pleasing designs to satisfy the most discerning homeowner or designer.
  • The reject rate at time of installation for our heavy glass enclosures is less than one tenth the national average, by far the best in the industry.

Cardinal Shower Enclosures is Extremely Competitively Priced

  • Our vast inventory of metal and glass allows us to sell most enclosures from our low cost stock inventory.
  • Cardinal has the finest glass handling, fabrication and tempering facility found anywhere in the country. The high level of production allows us to offer competitive pricing.

Cardinal's Production Capacity is Without Equal

  • Because we carry a vast inventory of metal and glass, we are able to deliver on time and complete jobs requiring several hundred units per week.
  • Because we temper and manufacture in-house we are not dependent on other vendors to supply our products.
  • Our tempering plant runs 24 hours per day which gives us an extremely high capacity for producing heavy glass shower enclosures for large jobs.

Cardinal Meets Delivery Schedules

  • Our motto is "Complete. Correct. On time. Every time." We do our very best to perform up to this standard.
  • We recognize that shower enclosures are among the last items to be installed in a residential or commercial project. Therefore, we know the importance of delivering correct, installable units when required by the contractor.
  • Our vast inventory as well as in-house production capability reduces our dependency on outside vendors.

Creative is Our Middle Name at Cardinal

  • We were the first shower enclosure company, by a year, to offer enclosures in Brushed Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze.
  • Want a cast glass pull for your heavy glass shower enclosure? We have it!
  • Our "S-Curve" Euro Sliders are the talk of the industry.
  • Finding it hard to open a 3/8" slider from the inside? Our recessed finger pull solves that problem.
  • Do you want your shower enclosure to look like a wine cellar, or possibly a desert scene? We do that.
  • At Cardinal, we take your dreams and make them a reality.

Our Distribution Centers and Dealers are Nationwide

  • Our shower door manufacturing facility is centrally located in Louisville, KY.
  • We have six other fully-stocked fabrication and distribution facilities in:
    • Woburn, MA
    • Arlington, TX
    • Cerritos, CA
    • Livermore, CA
    • Sparks, NV
    • Honolulu, HI
  • Our trucks can deliver in one to two-days to 90% of the country.
  • For large jobs, we can deliver directly to the job site.

Cardinal Tempering is the Finest Producer of 3/8" and 1/2" Glass in the Country

  • Because we primarily temper heavy glass shower enclosures, where dimensions and cosmetics are of utmost importance, we are very attentive to these details.
  • Do you need wind screens or glass railings, either in 3/8" flat glass or cast glass? That's right up our alley.
  • Cardinal Tempering makes beautiful custom cast glass room dividers.
  • If it's a job requiring high quality tempered 3/8" or 1/2" glass, think Cardinal Tempering.

Our Goal is to Provide Personalized, Professional Service

  • Our people are well trained and experienced.
  • We have an Architecture graduate on staff to assist with design.
  • Our cast glass artist can help you design mind blowing enclosures that truly are works of art.
  • As we hear all the time, it's easy to work with Cardinal.

Made in the U.S.A.

  • For jobs requiring "Made in the U.S.A." we can provide a complete line of shower enclosures as well as custom tempered glass products.

Bonus reason #11!

  • We at Cardinal Shower Enclosures recognize the need to be responsible with our planet's resources. We've set several programs in place in our Green Initiative to reduce waste and reduce our environmental impact. From reducing product waste to significantly reducing glass reject rates, Cardinal is striving to be the greenest shower enclosure provider available